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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

What would Bobby Jones do?

It is amazing how many times you will hear the name of Bobby Jones uttered by the Chairman and others each year on the Lakeshore course. It is usually phrased as: “what would Bobby Jones do in this situation?” Which in other words means; where is the proper drop; or should I count that stroke; or did anyone see that; or did the ball move before I hit it; etc. A man of impeccable honor and honesty.

After winning the ‘grand slam’ of golf (American and British Opens along with the American and British Amateurs) in 1930 at the young age of 28, Bobby Jones retired from competition as an Amateur. Can you imagine that in nowadays! Recently the PGA did an article on why Jones was so superior. A relative gave 3 main reasons why. The first is he believed in predestination. “He believed a golf tournament was won or lost before the first ball had even been struck. He believed that destiny was set before the tournament was played.” According to his grandson, Bobby Jones felt that future events were ordained to happen, that there was an order already preset. And with that in mind, Jones was able to separate himself from the stress, anxiety and pressure of playing the match. That gave him a huge secret advantage. Second, as Tiger USED to believe, Bobby was able to remain in the moment and focus on one shot at a time. Many times he could not remember hitting the shot he just hit. Now THAT is a short-term memory! But #3 might be the most applicable to the Lakeshore. Jones played against the course….not the competition. “He learned how to compete against Old Man Par,” his grandson said. “Because in the days when he played, if you shot par, you stood a pretty good chance of winning the tournament.” He wanted to make par on every hole. I truly believe Bobby Jones would have loved the Lakeshore and it’s struggle for par. No one has come close to shooting ‘par’ for 36 holes in it’s 15 year history.

The Make-A-Wish Lakeshore Open is exactly 2 weeks from today, October 3rd. The http://www.lakeshoreopen.com website has been upgraded and is capable of accepting donations to Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada Chapter if you cannot attend the event. I still would prefer checks or cash on the day of the tournament but that gives you another option. Also, for the first time in Lakeshore history, we will have hats and shirts for sale with Lakeshore logo and ‘Golf’s 5th Major’ and first edition or something like that, with most of the proceeds, going to M-A-W.

I am still waiting for many of you to email back with either an IN or OUT for participation. Please do so with the receipt of this email. Thank you-CHAIRMAN MAKE-A-WISH LAKESHORE OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE

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