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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

2010 Lakeshore Open Results

These days, it is rare to sponsor an event upon where there aren’t any losers. Saturday, September 25th 2010, was a day it happened. Make-A-Wish won, the volunteers won, the participants won, and definitely, the golf course won!

64 players teed it up at the 11th annual Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. For one day that passed for what seemed like a twinkling of an eye, the partakers got to feel like children again and have some old fashioned “FUN”. As I have said a number of times, the Lakeshore has to be experienced. It is not enough to just read about it every year wishing you were there. One player in particular, Alex Prywes, heard of the tournament one day before and flew into the event from California the next day to play. He said “I just had to be there to see what it was about”. I have a tremendous respect for that type of flexibility and behavior. Too little of that in our society today. The Make-A-Wish children cherish every day and I’m sure they wish they could do for just one day what we take for granted.

There were many surprises on the golf course Saturday. As I noted in an earlier letter, only 21 players made the ‘playing cutline’, but 14 additional players made the ‘normal cut’. The players cutline was +18 (72) while the normal cut was +24 (78). The normal cut players will still be able to tell their grandchildren that they once made the cut in the 5th MAJOR. These players were: Karl Mitchell (68 WD Illness) Jason Smith (69 WD Illness)R, Wes Butterfus (69 WD Illness)R, Jason Kirste (73), Erik Larsen (74), Howard Muchnick (74)R, Jim Heringer (74), Mike Silva (74)R, Carl Gaglione (74), Fred Weiss (75), Darin Koehler (75)R, Rick Berg (76), John Sieberg (78), Brian Coffey (78).

Note: My deepest regret for misinforming Paul Ruth over the phone that his (72) did not qualify for the playing cutline. With the confusion of the sudden illnesses of some cut players I gave him some bad info. He will now be given a permanent exemption to the event and a private tour of the Chairman’s Cabin.

For only the 3rd time in the Lakeshore’s 11 year history, a rookie won the event. Josh Vornsand a ‘mini tour pro’ player, shocked the veterans by keeping his poise after leading the first 18 to shoot 13 over par (121). Kenny Ebalo, another mini tour pro, was only one shot back as he approached the 36th hole, but he was 2 groups ahead of Vornsand. He carded a quadruple bogey 7 and Vornsand later parred 18 to seal a 5 shot victory. Honorable mention this year went to another rookie Greg Hampson and he willed be honored with his name on the Lakeshore trophy.

POINTS OF INTEREST: 17 of the 35 players who made the cut were rookies (new record)—All 18 holes played higher than par stroke average—the 18th played to an amazing 6.83 average and remember it’s a par 3!- this is considerably down from its record average 2 years ago of 8.67 shots;the 12”high rough helped—the average score of all the players in the first round (blue tees) was 78.78—for the 21 players who made the cut, the average was 65.38 and their second round average (gold tees) was 73.00—almost 8 shots higher average and the gold tees are only an astounding 24 yards longer (444-420) than the blues for the entire course.

Here is the final leaderboard for the 2010 Lakeshore:

  1. Josh Vornsand(R): 56, 65: +13
  2. Kenny Ebalo(R): 63, 63: +18
  3. Chip Madsen: 63, 64: +19
  4. Frankie D. Larsen: 59, 68: +19
  5. Greg Hampson(R): 69, 61: +22
  6. Rob Mullaney: 64, 66: +22
  7. Matthew Tom: 62, 69: +23
  8. Philip Tom: 66, 66: +24
  9. Layne Flack(R): 65, 69: +26
  10. Larry Keaver: 65, 0: +27
  11. James Drew(R): 72, 4: +28
  12. Harry Schroeder: 67, 69: +28
  13. Mike O’Donnell(R): 71, 66: +29
  14. Cole Nondorf(R): 72, 67: +31
  15. Marty Barrett(R): 64, 7: +33
  16. Pat Laverty(R): 63, 81: +36
  17. Gary Hagen: 63, 81: +36
  18. Jarrod Dolojan(R): 68, 84: +44
  19. Jeff Fickel: 70, 84: +46
  20. Tyler Raasch(R): 61, 97: +50
  21. Rickster Jewett: 70, 102: +64

Only 4 players shot better on their second round. Once again the Lakeshore proved it is the most difficult golf course in the universe and worthy of the 5th MAJOR  Chairman Of The Make-A-Wish Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament Committee

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