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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

2008 Lakeshore Open Results

18th Hole Once Again Determines The Winner

A couple of major changes on the famed 18th hole dramatically lowered the overall average score from 8.67 strokes to 5.97. One of the some 20 species of Scottish ‘gorse’ was flown in last month and planted on the left side of the fairway. It was dense and effective in keeping well struck shots in play. The fairway was moved to the right side and additionally on the right side of the fence within 15 feet before and after the hole. Even with these changes on the 18th, the overall cut line was the highest in history at +33 (88).

The first round (18 holes) had some shocking results. Notable favorites Harry Schroeder, Jeff Fickel, and Brett Calapp were well back in the field at 81,83, and 108 respectively. Matthew Tom feeling the nerves as one of the favorites started with a 4-7-3-9-10 and was 17 over par after the first 5 holes. There will be more on this young phenom later in this article. The only golfer who tamed the Lakeshore monster was 2006 blue jacket winner Rob Mullaney. Rob set the Lakeshore competitive record of even par (54) and had a stunning 11 shot lead over 3 golfers in second place (Frank Larsen, Philip Tom, and Karl Mitchell). As many Lakeshore veterans know, 11 shots is a big lead but it is anything but safe. Other interesting first round scores were Keith Leisher, rookie (72), A. Cohen, rookie (85), and blue jacket hopeful Paul Raidna (88). Paul’s odds plummeted Friday evening as he shot a 33 with a 9 in a practice round front nine. He went from 150-1 to 18-1 to win on Saturday morning. All in all it set up as an exciting final round for the championship.

At the end of 27 holes the leaders were:

  1. Rob Mullaney: +6
  2. Frank Larsen: +10
  3. Philip Tom: +15
  4. Karl Mitchell: +17

Thru 15 holes on the back 18, the tournament tightened up considerably to:

  1. Rob Mullaney: +8
  2. Frank Larsen: +10
  3. Philip Tom: +13
  4. Karl Mitchell: +22

But then a rumor then hit the course the Matt Tom shot a record round -4 (50) and was in the clubhouse at +10. The rumor was false but the confusion was not cleared up until the leaders approached the the 18th tee box. Matt in fact had shot 57 to be at +17. Anyway Rob and Frank teed off on 18 deadlocked at +10. Frank teed first and hit a beauty into the gorse on the left but it took 2 hops and then barely trickled out of bounds onto Bannie Ave. Rob then send a good looking shot into the same gorse that held on. Robbie then proceeded to make par and claim his second blue jacket of his career. By the way, Rob had no plans of winning this year as he got a call from his wife and had to leave immediately after the jacket presentation and did not return to the after party. Speculation was he had to pick up milk and bread on his way home.

Keith Leisher was selected by the Lakeshore committee as Honorable Mention and will have his named placed on the trophy as such.

Here is the list of the top 14 finishers.

  1. Rob Mullaney: 54-64=118: +10
  2. Frankie D. Larsen: 65-57=122: +14
  3. Matthew Tom: 68-57=125: +17
  4. Philip Tom<: 65-61=126: +18
  5. Karl Mitchell: 65-69=134+26
  6. Harry Schroeder: 81-60=141: +33
  7. Keith Leisher: 72-70=142+34
  8. Louis Winoski: 78-83=161: +53
  9. Kurt Goldberg: 88-76=164: +56
  10. Paul Olsen: 88-77=165: +57
  11. Brian Schmid: 76-89=166: +58
  12. Kasey Thompson: 88-81=169: +61
  13. Paul Raidna: 87-82=169: +61
  14. Jeff Fickel: 83-87=170: +62

This 2008 event was a huge success. We raised a lot of money for Make-A-Wish, which is a great cause. The party afterwards brought many great friends back together and also introduced people to new acquaintances. Hopefully we can conduct this unique event for many years to come. Thanks again for all of your support and help. – Chairman Lakeshore South Open Golf Committee

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