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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

2007 Lakeshore Open Results

Wow, what an exciting Lakeshore again. We had temperatures in the high 80s with an ideal gentle breeze. The course got rave reviews and was in the best condition ever. There were 35 golfers in this years field and the first 3some teed off at approximately 11:00am.

The first 18 holes had many attendees in ‘shock’ for two reasons. The course record of +5 (59) was tied by and unknown rookie, Karl Mitchell, and perennial cut-misser Bill Lakel. An investigation was immediately filed in the Lakel 59. It just so happened that he played in the only 4some of the day with 2 college students and someone with a known gambling problem. I am not trying to say with certainty that someone got paid off in this column recap but something does not smell right. Bill does possess a sound game for usually 12 holes or so before he blows up. For him to shoot 59 under the pressure and rough conditions of the Lakeshore Open defies all odds. He would have to have a round where all things went perfect similar to the ‘father’ in Caddyshack. Anyway, Bill did not win the tournament so the ongoing inquiry will soon be a mute point.

18 players made the cut and the cut-line was +29. This set the stage for another memorable quest for the royal blue jacket. Karl Mitchell continued his excellent play early on and built a big lead on the field. One-time winner Frankie D. Larsen went into #9 at +12 and carded a ‘moose’ seven over par 10 to severely damage his chances. At the end of 27 holes the leaders were:

  1. Mitchell: +4
  2. P.Tom: +10
  3. Mullaney +15
  4. Lakel: +17
  5. Larsen: +19

Jeff Fickel who shot 68 in the early round had a disasterous 48 +21 over the front nine and was in essence out of the tournament.

But we should all know that the back nine of the final round of a Major is where it is won or lost. No exception again at this years Lakeshore. Karl went into # 17 with a 7 shot lead over playing partner and 4-time winner Phil Tom. Phil pared 17 and Karl double-bogied to go to the famed and the extremely difficult 18th with a 5 shot lead. Nothing was being said as the golfers took the long walk to the 18th tee. The gallery was barely audible also as they sensed what the rookie Karl was going through. The cocky 6-5 favorite Phil Tom was getting soundly beaten by a 25-1 longshot. Karl had played 35 holes of perfection but that meant very little with the teeth of 18 staring him in the face. His masterpiece only had 2.7% more to go for the royal blue jacket. He had numerous options on how to play the ‘monster’. He had no one to turn to for advice except himself. Should he ‘bunt’ his first drive and then go over the fence and try to make a 7 or 8 at the worst? Or should he swing away and possibly hit the fairway and leave no doubt who the champion will be? The 18th has determined every Lakeshore except the 2002 playoff. Second guessing will always be part of what was about to transpire.

Phil had to hit first and he had to gamble being 5 shots back. He concentrated and released a full swing and the ball took a few hops and rested in the fairway some 15 feet from the pin. By the way, the fairway is 18 inches wide. Karl then gathered his thoughts and took a big swing. His ball went barely over the fence and came to rest in a crease only 2 inches from being in bounds. He now had to hit his third shot from the same tee. His next shot went over the fence in good shape. Phil then proceeded to get up and down for a par 3. Karl’s 4th gained on the pin but was still on the wrong side of the fence. His 5th went under the fence leaving him only 7 feet from the hole but he had an abbreviated back swing. Here he will be second guessed forever. Instead of taking a penalty stroke and putting his ball in the fairway, he elected to hit it some 18 inches by the hole into deep rough. His 7th and 8th shots missed the hole and he carded a 9. This left him one shot back of Phil and Phil won his 5th blue jacket.

Karl’s 9 is totally understandable. The hole averaged 8.67 strokes last year. I took an eleven last year to lose for gods sake. Playing the 18th with a chance to win is what brings players to the Lakeshore every year. I want to personally congratulate Karl for taking me to my best. We both broke the previous Lakeshore South tournament record and as many of my friends will quickly point out, I have played the course a few hundred times more than Karl. What he accomplished I did not feel possible before the tournament but I saw it with my own eyes. He had no blemish on the back nine with the exception of the 18th. His name will go on the trophy as runner-up and Bill Lakel is this years honorable mention.

Thanks again for a great Lakeshore and hopefully we will have many more to come.– Chairman Lakeshore South Open Golf Tournament

Final Leaderboard 2007 Lakeshore South

  1. Phil Tom: 61-63=124: +16
  2. Karl Mitchell: 59-66=125: +17*
  3. Frankie D Larsen: 67-61=128: +20
  4. Rob Mullaney: 68-60=128: +20
  5. Bill Lakel: 59-76=135: +27
  6. Larry Keever: 78-68=146: +38*
  7. Ed Wake: 68-80=148: +40
  8. Harry Schroeder: 76-76=152: +44
  9. Brian Coffey: 76-80=156: +48
  10. John Pogue: 81-80=161: +53
  11. Eric Saltz: 74-90=164: +56*
  12. Phil Waller: 74-92=166: +58*
  13. Drew Johnson: 74-92=166: +58*
  14. Bob Tom: 77-89=166: +58
  15. Greg Blessley: 73-95=168: +60*
  16. Jeff Fickel: 68-104=172 +64
  17. Mike Purpura: 81-98=179: +71
  18. A. Nair:
  19. 83-Dnf

*Denotes Rookie

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