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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

2004 Lakeshore Open Results

By Robert Calhoun, The Associated Press

LAS VEGAS, NV—-I had the privilege of attending one of the most unusual events in the over 35 years of my reporting. It is extremely rare to attend or participate in an activity that to my knowledge is not copied or repeated in any place on the face of the earth. This endeavor is so uncustomary that I find it difficult to make it translatable. The effrontery genteel left me with a inodorousness that I still have not overcome. Peering through the epistemology of all ladles of print accessible did not help. I abdicate the calumny barbed my mind in totality.

Knavish harangues got trumped by the purest form of golf I have ever attested. Congrats to the authors and players and yes, I plan to observe again next year.

To the village:

As you probably can surmise Dr. Calhoun got blown away with the Lakeshore
South Open. The Lakeshore as always did not disappoint. With the
temperatures in the high 80’s and low 90’s it was a beautiful day. With
honorary ‘big play’ Mark Anderson hitting the proverbial first ball off the
first tee, the tournament got started at 11:23am on Saturday, September
30th. The course was in the best shape ever with tightly mowed fairways and
green colored greens. The field included 14 rookies vying for the royal blue
jacket and Lakeshore infamy. A record 6 rooks make the cut.

The first 18 holes went pretty much according to hoyle. Favorite Phil Tom
shot a course record (61) and had a nine shot lead over second favorite Rob
Mullaney (70). Not far behind was rookie Tim O’keefe (72). Others in the
70’s were: Big Time Bob Tom (75), one-time champion Frankie D. Larsen (76),
one-time runner-up Matt Tom (76) and rookie Andy Slack (77). The other
rookies making the cut were: Ed Wake (81), Brett Calapp (84), Jeff
Battaglia (86) and Jeff Hurst (87). Last years’ first round leader Dr. Harry
Schroeder carded an (82) to make the cut again.

Going into the championship 18, Phil looked to runaway from the field as he
was 2 under after the 4th hole and was 10 shots ahead of Rob. Only at the
exciting Lakeshore does this mean very little. Every hole has demons and
vinegary locations. The difficulty of the Lakeshore keeps many in contention
until the end. After Rob birdied the 8th and 9th holes for a record 1 under
26 on the front side he was only 2 shots back.

The back nine, as in every major, is where it is won or lost. Rob took his
first lead by one stroke after he birdied the tough #11. Phil got the lead
back on #12 by a stroke and Rob got it back on the #13 by a stroke. Phil got
it back by a stroke on #14 and Rob tied it up with a par on #15. Both
golfers parred #16 but was not achieved without controversy. Rob’s ball came
to rest on the lip of the cup and after much discussion and valuation by two
marshalls, Rob was awarded the par. #17 saw Rob once again take a one shot
lead when his par bested Phil’s bogey. But as in every Lakeshore, Seattle or
Las Vegas location, the 18th hole determines the winner. Rob had honors and
hit a beautiful tee ball 2/3 up the fairway. With tremendous pressure on
Phil to find the fairway he proceeded to hit 2 balls onto Bannie avenue and
the royal blue jacket belonged to Rob Mullaney for the first time. Rob
bogeyed #18 and carded a new Lakeshore record of (59). By the way the
average score on the famed 18 was a 8.67 strokes –5+ over par. Would have
been higher if 14 wasn’t the maximum on the hole.

For only the second time in Lakeshore history we will have 2 honorable
mentions inscribed on the Lakeshore trophy. Rookies Jeff Hurst and Edward
Wake fininished 5th and 6th respectfully. Jeff’s (68) on the back 18 is a
rookie record for the championship round.

Notables missing the cut were: Sir Wm Lakel whose dipsomania once again took
its toll, Brian Coffey whose promotion to course superintendant must have
got in the way, and last years’ Jess Coffey whose (91) just missed. Jess
Olsen set a record for high score of (132) and has a personal exemption for
next year because of it. Paulie Gutwein whose lifetime goal is to someday
make the cut barely missed at (94). Ronnie Schmid has the distinction of
being the only player this year who had to walk off the course on the
dog-run #15 because of frustration. Jack Haynes who was the longshot in the
field at-infinite to 1 to win, recorded a very respectable (96). Next year
he promises to be around a 50-1 shot.

Top 15:

  1. Rob Mullaney: 70-59=129
  2. Phil Tom: 61-76=137
  3. Matt Tom: 76-62=138
  4. Frankie D.: 76-64=140
  5. Jeff Hurst: 87-68=155
  6. Ed Wake: 81-75=156
  7. Jeff Fickle: 80-79=159
  8. Tim O’keefe: 72-87=159
  9. Collin Jones: 81-79=160
  10. BT Bob Tom: 75-90=165
  11. Harry Schroeder: 82-87=169
  12. Brett Calapp: 84-86=170
  13. Andy Slack: 77-95=172
  14. Jeff Battaglia: 86-87=173
  15. George Herold: 83-106=189

Notes: One new tradition that may take hold is that the winner have sex with his wife or girlfriend on the 12th fairway at the party the evening of the tournament. It is understandable because the winner gets: 1) the royal blue jacket 2)name on the Lakeshore Trophy 3)permanent exemption to the Lakeshore tournament 4)sets menu at championship dinner next year 5)undeserved fame from the boys in the booth 6)google entry of Lakeshore champion 7)multiple endorsement options 8)Jay Leno interview 9)Make-A-Wish donation and of course 10)sex with your favorite gal on the 12th fairway One more note: A new rule will be instituded this year for next and will be until further notice. Anyone who without a doubt committs to the Lakeshore Tournament and does not have the courtesy to email or call the Chairman to cancel within 48 hours of the event, loses his exemption for the following year. Those of you who are guilty know who you are. I would make a large bet that each of you have never planned a large party, tournament or anything else in your life.

Thanks for everyone who attended the golf outing and the party. It was a wonderful time. – Chairman of the Lakeshore South Open Golf Tournament Committee

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