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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

2005 Lakeshore Open Results

The Lakeshore Open was played on schedule on July 4th at 11:30 a.m. The skies were blue and temperature 105 degrees. Flags were blowing at a NW direction. The course looked tame for the taking but the veterans knew otherwise. The Lakeshore cannot be conquered. It can only be tested and you almost certainly will have to surrender. The peacefulness is only experienced if you do not pick up a golf club. In other words the serenity is only a mirage. No one tames the Lakeshore. It makes scratch golfers look like beginners often. It is undoubtedly the most difficult par 3 course in America.

Always in the back of your mind as you weave your way through the Lakeshore is the terrifying knowledge that you will have to play the 18th hole. This year the Lakeshore Committee approved for the first time a maximum of 14 shots on any hole. The par 3 18th hole this year averaged 9.428 strokes. Would have been much worse if the 14 max. was not instituted. The first 17 holes are important but a masterpiece can be ruined by the famed 18th. It did just that many times this year.

There were 7 rookies in the field and 2 or them made the cut. Jess Coffey, a sensational ballstriker, was rookie of the year and will get his name on the

Lakeshore trophy as honorable mention. Last years’ first round leader was again this years’ first round leader-Harry Schroeder. He fired a sizzling 66 to take a 4 shot lead into the championship round over Las Vegas resident Rob Mullaney. Harry again couldn’t handle the pressure of leading the Lakeshore and collapsed to a 92 on the back 18. Last years’ winner Frankie D. Larsen had a consistent 4th place with rounds of 73-74 147.

The Chairman of the Lakeshore Golf Open Committee who was a prohibitive favorite to win the royal blue jacket did not let the huge galleries down. After a opening 72 be came back in what is now patented form, to shoot the low round of the day of 63 to win going away. His 27 over par 135 shatters the high number to win by 7 shots. He was 1 over par going into the 18th and took an 11 for a 9 over 63.

The top 9 on the final leaderboard were as follows:

  1. Phil Tom 72-63=135
  2. Rob Mullaney 70-69=139
  3. Scott Tom 80-66=146
  4. Frankie D. Larsen 74-73=147
  5. Rick Jewett 82-72=154
  6. Harry Schroeder 66-92=158
  7. Jess Coffey 83-80=163
  8. Todd Coons 82-84=166
  9. William R. Lakel 73-96=169
  10. Note-You may notice the other collapse in the final round was by Bill Lakel.

    Usually when he goes on tilt he throws a tantrum and walks off the course. This year he finished his 96 and silently sneaked into the TomBar and had a couple stiff ones. And whose says we don’t mature with age.

    After the golf there was a big party on the course and in the clubhouse that

    included a rock band, neighbors and friends. Mayor Oscar Goodman also stopped by for a pop.

    I must give special thanks to this years’ sponsor AbsolutePoker. thanks again –Chairman of the Lakeshore Golf Open Committee

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