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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

2004 Lakeshore Open Results

Lakeshore South went off as scheduled on September 11th in Las Vegas. The golf course was in perfect shape for a true test of skills. The rough was more difficult than what you would find in your typical u.s. open event. Some photos enclosed will give you a little example of what I am talking about.

Philip Tom the three time champion and prohibited favorite was in perfect position after the first 18 holes at 13 over par. First time competitor Harry Schroeder was leading with a brilliant 8 over that included two “aces”. Perennial challenger Scott Tom was among the many who missed the cut with a 37 over par. He carded a 15 on the famed 18th hole which played to an average of 13 or 10 over par for the entire field. No hole on any course in the world is as difficult as 18.

I am sad to report that Philip Tom had a monumental collapse on the back 18. His round included two “shanks” on the incredibly tight #5 alley hole. He ended up scoring his record high score of 40 over on the back 18. We will have to wait and see if he can ever recover from this performance. He had one bad hole after another and looked like at times as if he had never played the game.

Out of the pack came Frankie D. Larsen to challenge Harry for the royal blue jacket. With 6 holes to go it was a two man race. Both of these golfers have never led in a major let alone won one. Frankie saved par at #15 with a miracle shot from one of the many rose gardens. He hit a shot through the fence onto the smallest green on the course. Many analyst at the time thought he was crazy to even attempt a shot that maybe had a 10% chance of success. He pulled it off and eventually went to #18 with a five shot lead. Frank had to hit first and put a extremely conservative drive in the right rough-some 15 yards off the tee. Harry then hit one of the greatest shots in Lakeshore history at the pole of 18. It barely missed for a hole in one and came to rest in the rough some six feet from the pole. Harry pared the hole(only par of the day on 18) and forced Frank to make a 8 or better to win the tournament. Franks second shot of some 10 yards trickled through the left rough and barely stayed in bounds but fell into a crease between the rough and the street curb. He had to take an unplayable stoke to get the ball back into play. He then advanced the ball cautiously forward another 10 yards or so to put him 15 yards away. He had to get down in 3 for the championship and that is exactly what he did. Frank joined a short list of two others to win the jacket. He was so overwhelmed at the end he could barely control his emotions. He will now see how dramatically this will change his life. I spoke with him briefly today and it is just now starting to sink in what he accomplished. After all the radio and TV interviews he has had time to reflect. His life will never be the same.

Top five finishers were:

  1. Frankie D. Larsen 128 +20
  2. Harry Schroeder 129 +21
  3. Keith Forslund 145 +37
  4. Collin Jones 150 +42
  5. Philip Tom 161 +53

I want to thank everyone for participating. On behalf of Make-A-Wish
Charity and the Lakeshore South Open Committee I hope we can host this
fun event for many years to come. –Chairman




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