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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
Next Tournament:
Saturday October 5th, 2019

PGA Considers Lakeshore Open

It has finally happened. Rather than announce it myself let me give it to you from the horse’s mouth-the PGA.

Lakeshore Open Golf Committee:

It is with great pleasure that we are seriously considering designating the Lakeshore Open as the 5th Major. We have been fully aware of your persistence over the last 4 years for this approval. We could possibly deem this prestigious award on a number of accounts of which I will list a few.

The uniqueness of your event is unprecedented. There is nothing like it in the free world that we could compare it with. The PGA has no event with one club and certainly nothing held in a residential setting. Golf has a universal aspect to it where you see your goal and you go after it. There are no rules on how long or short a hole must be to be challenging and the Lakeshore proves that with simplistic beauty.

PGA representative Thomas Harkin’s report and footage of last year’s event captured the enthusiasm and spirit that we embrace for the game of golf. Having fun and promoting the camaraderie that golf entails could not have been more evident and obvious than it was in your tournament.

The PGA, founded in 1916 and the largest sports organization in the world, welcomes the opportunity to look at fresh new ideas. The reason for the success of our organization is the founding belief that golf education is universal and should be shared with everyone.

Once again congratulation and we look forward to further discussion on this subject.


Randolph J. Cameron and the PGA Staff