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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019


With the gentle waving olive, peach, pomegranate and cypress trees, the 2018 Lakeshore Open will commence on Saturday, October 1st 2016. Also a massive amount of late blooming roses will remind the strikers that if you direct your sphere into them, you will start again 2 marks older.

The Lakeshore experience possesses the rare combination of the tranquility of childhood fun and dreams with the ‘aged’ downright terror and demons. To crisscross your way around the unusual grounds trying to stay within you ‘tai chi’ energy can certainly be maddening if not impossible.

Playing in early October may lower the outside degrees a bit but it does not temper the inside tension. Each circle of the landscape excites and frustrates regardless of your skill level. Challenges of this magnitude come with only precision designing and crazy imagination.

Describing the Lakeshore is futile. This pursuit of excellence has to be experienced. The Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament could well join a growing list of ‘alternative’ therapies invoked by western health authorities to counter the stress and strain of modern living. Now in its’ organized 16th year, the event aims to send a “positive wave of vigor” around the world and draw attention to the benefits of this ancient form of exercise which is steadily establishing itself in Las Vegas.

The name “Lakeshore Open” reveals it to be a combative art, but much practice and guidance with a master striker are required to be able to draw on in a situation of real conflict. Many will not get past the first principles, but as the 1st stage is to make yourself mentally and physically fit and healthy, and that is already well worth attaining.

To stroke a shot at the Lakeshore with a gentle circular movement reveals a form with a powerful hint of vitality coming from an inner center. This has something mysteriously attractive about it. From the surrounding field or source, energy is gathered and stored in such a way as to let it flow through the body and create balance and harmony. If this sounds vague and undefinable, it probably is. Playing your best at the Lakeshore needs no fancy or expensive outlay.

Regular practice can build up grace, beauty and strength in a remarkable way, whatever age one may be. As I said earlier, you can rediscover your youth by clearing the meridians and fortitude channels through your body. Tying this event with the wonderful Make-A-Wish charity makes for a perfect marriage. All this can be found at the Lakeshore Open Golf Championship.

-from the desk of the Chairman of the Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament Committee

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