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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

In Memory of Severino Ballesteros

As many of you golf fans know, my favorite golfer of all time died last weekend at 54 years old. He was maybe the greatest shotmaker that ever lived. He didn’t need the fairway and he was never in trouble even if he was in the parking lot.

Seve learned the game as a youngster in a very small town in Pedrena, Spain. He would hit everything including rocks with only one club. He totally understood, by the time he was 19, the marriage between the clubface and the ball. Many times he stated that the game of golf was meant to be played with only one club. This is exactly how he taught his son to play.

There is only one course to my knowledge in the world and certainly only one ‘MAJOR’ that is played with only one club. Yes, it is none other than…..THE LAKESHORE OPEN. Seve never played the Lakeshore but I am positive, with zero doubt, he would’ve loved it!

– Chairman of the Make-A-Wish Lakeshore Open Golf Committee