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Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament

Golf’s 5th Major” ™
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Saturday October 5th, 2019

1962: “Darkest” Year In History Of Golf!

Many times something is invented that is truly not an advancement to the human experience. We often take for granted that every new creation is good for society. That is so WRONG! It is just not true! Almost everything has benefits and problems. Cell phones would be a great example. They have ruined peoples lives along with helping them.

Two innovations in the long history of golf almost destroyed the game. The first was in the 1880’s when the golf bag was produced. Anyone who has discussed golf with me knows I believe the game should be played with one club. I heard recently someone was toying with the idea in baseball, to fabricate various bats, to hit ground balls, fly balls, singles, doubles and home runs. So sick. We may need a baseball bat bag someday. Great!

I assume none of you have ever heard of Merlin L. Halvorson. In 1962 he invented the first powered golf cart. Golf is supposed to be WALKED! As you know, we not only don’t walk in America but we have designed many courses that you can’t walk. As long as I am Chairman of the Lakeshore Golf and Country Club, carts will be forbidden. Enough said.

The enclosed photo is of #12 at the Lakeshore. The Committee met last week and to make the bunkers less difficult, we imported some sand from Florida and filled them up. We had complaints from previous Lakeshore’s that they were virtually unplayable and diabolical. The course is already the most challenging in the country so we thought this was a good gesture to prove we are not totally masochistic.:)